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1. Beserah

It's a quiet fishing village, located not far from the town of Kuantan. Driving along the trunk road gives you an experience of transformation, from busy town of Kuantan to quiet yet colorful town of Beserah. As a fishing village, there's the usual fishing activities going on, and of course a good selection of fresh seafood and restaurants that provides fresh and affordable seafood. What is most impressing and only unique to Beserah is the use of buffalos cart to transport the products of fishing from the bat to the shore for storage and transportation, going way back to 30years.

Many visitors stop by Beserah just to witness and experience this rare scene and in today's era, this is not only amusing, but also eco-friendly. Apart from fishing activities, Beserah is also well known for its shell handicrafts and batik. There is a couple of factory featuring shell handicraft, using mainly seashells and local plants such as coconut, nuts and dried leaves. There are also demonstration of handicraft and batik making to further explain this traditional handicraft to visitors. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the beach at the east coastline of Malaysia is well known for its beautiful sea and white sandy beach. There are various water activities around such as kayaking, diving and surfing.

2. Bukit Tinggi

Although located in the lush green thick forest just like other highlands in Malaysia, Bukit Tinggi is not build for more nature and agricultural purposes. Though it shares the same climate as Cameron Highlands, Bukit Tinggi is hardly famous for tea, vegetables and fruits. On the contrary, it is well known for its French-styled Colmar Tropicale and Zen inspires Japanese Garden. The Colmar Tropicale retains the European-style architecture, decorated with cobblestone courtyard and streams of cafes and restaurants around the square, entertained by street performances and live bands, bringing you to a whole new European experience.

On the contrary, some 1000 meters above sea level is the Zen inspired Japanese Village. The village consists of a Japanese Tea house, Ryo Zan Tei authentic Japanese Restaurant, botanical garden, spa and Tatami suites. One can experience the Japanese tea ritual at their teahouse and enjoy the hot bath at the spa for a relaxing getaway. Apart from that, golf enthusiast can enjoy the 18-hole golf course at Bukit Tinggi & Country Club for a challenging golf experience. Horse trail is also available to enjoy around the scenic surroundings. You can end your visit by visiting the Rabbit Park where you will be charm by the cuteness of the fluffy rabbits.

3. Cameron Highlands

One of the most visited highlands in Malaysia, second only to Genting Highlands. The charm is mainly the coolness in weather and the serenity tea farms around, proving to be a popular destination to escape the hustle and bustle of city, especially the Singaporeans and city folks from Kuala Lumpur. It has 3 townships, namely Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang, all nestle at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea levels. The temperature never exceeds 25 degree Celsius, which is a blessing for the constant summer tropics in Malaysia. During the night, the temperature may falls below 12 degree Celsius, hence the most popular dinner menu is steamboat. The climate provides the perfect temperature to grow teas, which you will notice that there will be many tea plantations around. One of the most visited tea farm is the Boh teahouse, where you can get a guided tour around the farm and factory, and buy the freshest teas right from the farm.

Most of the vegetables and fruits supply come from Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, you will be able to buy the freshest vegetables and fruits straight from the vegetable farms. There are also sold in markets in the towns. There are also Strawberry Farms where you can 'pick-your-own-strawberry' and get many innovative strawberry products like strawberry chocolate, smoothies and even dried strawberry. Apart from all those, you can also visit the Honey Bee Farm, Butterfly Farm and Flower Nurseries. Museum Galleries also known as Time Tunnel Museums is another must see attractions, it present the past and present of Cameron Highland's history through photography, bringing and capturing the scene from the past. Accommodation are plentiful around towns, ranging from budget motel to luxury resort and apartments. One highly recommended hotel is The Smokehouse, which has a cozy interior, where you can relax and have scones by the garden.

4. Cherating Beach

Located at the east coast Peninsular Malaysia, it has sandy wide beaches, although not as nice as those remote islands around, it definitely has its own charm. Asia first Club Med is also located here and till today, it is a popular destination amongst families to spend the school holidays together. It's also famous among the surfers and beach bums worldwide. It has been known as the surfer's heaven in the 70's and people coming back yearly to challenge the South China waves

Besides beach activities, there are a few educational yet fun activities like the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, which is located just next to Club Med, set up in 1972. It was set up as turtle hatchery to protect and preserve the endangered species particularly the Giant Leatherback turtle. Out of 7 species of marine turtle in the world, 4 species actually make their way to lay their eggs in Malaysian beaches, one of it is Chendor Beach, just 1.5km from Cherating beach. Due to illegal commercialization of the turtle egg for consumption, the number of Leatherback turtle ceased. Here you can get as many information about turtle and hatching, as well as visits their comprehensive exhibitions. Apart from knowing turtle, you can also board the Cherating River Cruise in the evening to visit the most romantic and spectacular phenomena, the firefly. Accommodation are abundant, ranging from guesthouse, backpackers to luxury resorts depending on your need.

5. Club Med Cherating

LClub Med Cherating is the first Asia Club Mediterranean (Club Med), a unique concept for holiday makers, suitable for outdoor adventurous visitors and built to accommodate families and kids. Cherating is the perfect spot suited for this needs, with lush thick greens of rainforest around, making it ideal for jungle trekking and bird watching, whereas on the other end is the wide blue sea with long white sandy beach for water activities and relaxation. The fun doesn't stop there, in border to make it a self-sustained adventure for families and kids, there are many more sports and dining facilities to ensure maximum enjoyment and highlights for the trip.

One of the most popular activities is archery, golf and sailing, suitable for all levels of expertise, making trying for the first time all fun and exciting. There are experienced trainers around to perfect and guide your steps and skills. Apart from that, there are exciting performances and games around such as magic show, animal circus and bingo to escape the heat in the noon time. There are plenty of cafe, restaurant and bar around for all day dinning and drinking. For the young, there are children nursery, games room and library to allow your kids to mingle and get to know other kids around.

6. Deerland Park

In the serene and untouched natural environment, you get a chance to interact with the smart yet humble deer. Apart from learning more about them, you also get a chance to feed and stroke the deer. Apart from that, there's also ostrich, sun bear, snake and much more to keep you amused. Other attractions include a dedicated area to cultivate herbs and spices. There are over 40 species of herbs including the ever famous Tongkat Ali which is believed to have medicinal properties. There is also knotted rope used to swing across the river by the adventurous heart. If not, enjoy the wooden walkway leading up to an observation tower at Bukit Rengit

Nearby attractions include the Elephant Sanctuary at Bukit Gandah and Krau Wildlife Reserve where you can bath and feet the elephants and see more interesting animals in Malaysia. For a more relaxing an cooling climate, head to Bukit Tinggi for a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful European decoration.

7. Fraser's Hill (Bukit Fraser)

Fraser's Hill has a long standing history way back to British colonial time. Until today, most of the buildings and architectures remain untouched and preserve the old colonial style. Apart from the unique architecture, Fraser's hill has much more to offers to visitors, from nature lovers to golf enthusiast, making it an ideal getaway for families during school breaks. It's a mere 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, and immediately transform from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet and tranquil of Fraser's Hill.

Start your visit at one of the English cafe for a cup of coffee and some scones, couple with the cool and fresh environment, definitely can set the mood for the nest adventures. Golf is amongst the most popular activities around, Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club, earning its reputation among other golf course in Malaysia. Nature's walk, jungle trekking, bird watching, hiking is among other activities around. There's an annual bird race organize by Nature's society every June to spot and identify as many species of bird in a given time. It's always fun to end the day with a family bbq dinner in the mid of the cold and lush green surroundings.

8. Janda Baik

Janda Baik is a peaceful small village located in the state of Pahang. With an altitude between 600-800m and thick lush rainforest contributes to the tropical climate of 22-28 Celsius, making it an ideal getaway for city folks from Kuala Lumpur and global backpackers. It plays an important part in Malaysia's initiative to conserve and preserve the mother natures. Apart from enjoying the dense thick jungle for trekking, bird watching and cool bath in bath by the waterfalls, there are many mist see attractions nearby. Elephant Sanctuary at Kuala Gandah is an elephant conservation camp open to public to learn more and help exploitation of elephant. There's also an Aborigines Museum (Orang Asli Muzium) about 24km away from Janda Baik, A center to showcase the history, tradition and cultures of the aborigines in Malaysia.

Although Jandah Baik is a small village, it's used to having visitors all year round, hence getting an accommodation is pretty easy, there are many chalet and guesthouse suited for all budget range. Alternatively you can opt for homestay option to learn and experience the local living life style, e.g. Sailor's Nest Homestay.

9. Jerantut

Since Jerantut is the main entrance to the National Park, and located in the middle of lush dense rainforest, its attraction and activities took advantage of the nature and offers a great deal of adventure of its visitors. For those who didn't want to visit the National Park, there are also other attractions in Jerantut. One of the unique attractions is oil palm and rubber plantation, both makes a good representation of Malaysia agriculture. Oil palm process workshop can be arranged at Tekam Plantation if given sufficient time ahead. Others include Kota Gelangi where caving and abseiling is most popular. There are many schools and company who arranged for team building in Jerantut and flying fox are among the most fun and exciting must have activities. Jeram offers both white water rafting and flying fox and is located just around Jerantut. Apart from all the activities, Jerantut is also known for its unique food and fruits, amongst are Patin fish, which is a type of river fish, which has a unique oily texture. Durian, the king of fruits in Malaysia is also found abundant in Jerantut. Other fruits include many rare tropical fruits such as ciku, langsat and rambutan.

10. Kenong Rimba Park

Its beauty is beyond the green lush rainforest that one can see. Situated near the Valley of Kenong River, no wonder it houses many of the beautiful cascading waterfalls in Malaysia. No surprise that it's a popular site for camping and swimming. Apart from that, the rich natural habitats also attract many nature lovers to the park. Insect studying, bird watching and jungle tracking are among the most popular activities. Of course it also has one of the best limestone caves for the caving enthusiast and bat lovers. The most striking one is the Gua Batu Tinggi which resembles a dug-out boat. The Kenong River passes through this cave and it's believed that once upon a time the King's messenger of Pekan was turn into a stone while passing through the cave.

11. Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary

The elephant sanctuary is located about 150km away, which is about 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the hidden gems in Pahang, near to Lanchang. It was set up in 1985 by the Department of Wildlife and National Park and run by the Elephant Capture and Translocation Unit. It serves as an educational and perseverance of endangered and protected elephant in Malaysia. It also takes in any abandoned elephants, hence its name Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary.

It's open to public with no charges but if course donations are most welcome. It's a popular weekends and school holiday destinations as there are other wildlife sanctuaries around here too. The most awaited activity here is the elephant ride. You can also feed and bath the elephants by the river. There is also a presentation to give a better understanding of elephants and the work done at the center. An important fact I learned from the presentation is 'A full grown elephant can eat up to 225kg of food a day' Nearby attractions include the Orang Asli Settlement and Deerland Park.

12. Kuantan

Famous for its beautiful beaches, there are many resorts and hotel along the coastline of Kuantan. Teluk Cempedak beach is among the most famous beaches in town. It offers white sandy beach and deep blue sea for a variety of water activities. Club Med is also located near Cherating, another holiday destination for families. Apart from its beaches, there is also Turtle Sanctuary, where one gets the opportunity to watch a hatching turtle and get involve in preserving the endangered species

You can also get a panorama view of the surrounding at the Bukit Panaroma, which is a 45mintes hike. Along the way do stop by one if the many waterfalls to cool down from the hot sunny climate. Since Kuantan is famous for its beach, fresh seafood in town is a must for all visitors. You can get fresh shrimps and crab, also sea and fresh water fish. You can end your day by taking the magical fireflies tour.

13. Taman Negara

Establishes in Malaysia in 1938 as King George V National Park, and renamed to Taman Negara National Park after independence, is the largest in Peninsular, with many activities to do in the tropical forest. The park has been developed for ecotourism destination in Malaysia and every year, thousands of visitors from around the world will come by to experience the thick lush tropical jungle.

There are a few attractions in the park; Gunung Tahan is the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia for the climbers. Near to Gunung Tahan, there's Ear Cave (Gua Telinga) and Lata Berkoh for rapid shooting, where visitor can venture the cave and enjoy the fats moving water stream. There's also Bukit Teresek for hiking, it's situated more than 300m above sea level. The initial walk is similar to canopy walkway trail, if you move on the steep climb you will reach the Two Point View, overlooking the Teresek River. Finally, do not miss out on Orang Asli village, where you can witness how the aborigines live untouched in the jungle. Accommodation range from basic camp tent to luxurious chalet/resorts. It usually comes together with the tour packages.