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Alor Star RM 750
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1. Bujang Valley

Bujang Valley or would be better known as Lembah Bujang for the local. It is a famous attraction for both local and international tourists. The district is alluring local archaeologists for research of the local culture. Civilization happens between the first and fifth century influenced the local into adopting hindu-buddhist culture. The historical district in Kedah has draw tremendous attractions for some of its unknown history behind the district. Bujang Valley Archaeological Musuem is situated at archaeological park is the first archaeology museum in Malaysia.

The museum highlights the archaeology evidences that were discovered in the 30's and 60's. The museum is rated highly recommended. Famous local delicacies that no one would miss out, just 44 kilometers away to Alor Setar are nasi lemak, prawn mee, etc which could be found mostly at Kopitiam (shoplots). Shoplots are well-preserved in the early century hence one's could feel enjoy the great ambience when dining in. Pekan Rabu is definitely a place for visitors for its popularity of selling variety items from local tidbits to handicraft. With the amount of hotels available in the state, accommodation will never be an issue for anyone.

2. Bunting Island (Pulau Bunting)

On the island, the panoramic view is so beautiful that it is capable in mesmerizing the tourists and locals.There are uncountable mangrove swamps around the island. There are multiple species of birds and insects to be seen and found on the island. Over 90 species of birds are stated to be seen around including hornbill, woodpecker and kingfisher, just to name a few. Other than the island itself it is too famous for its lake, with the name of Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden). The lake is located right in the centre of the island and this is the main attraction of the whole Bunting Island. The lake is believed that woman who is not capable in conceiving can be then blessed with a child if she drank the water from the lake. This belief is too tried out by some locals and it actually works. You can swim around in the lake and also dip your feet into the mini pond around to feed the catfishes who feed on your dead skin. There is a nearby attraction which is the Pulau Bunting Bridge. The bridge connects Bunting Island to the mainland Kedah. The arch cable bridge's design is what attracts the tourist.

Accommodation in Langkawi Island will not be a problem as there are many options ready to be selected. There are many popular hotels and resorts located on the island. The Sheraton Langkawi Resort is one of the renowned 5 stars hotels there. Popular four stars hotels are offered too including Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Langkawi Lagoon Resort. Of course, there are budget hotels and resorts up for all backpackers. You can pick your own hotel or resorts all depending on your own preference. Apart from the beautiful environment and sea in Langkawi, it is also known as the shopping heaven for duty free goods. A wide range of goods can be obtained including wine, liquor, perfume, branded sport shoes and chocolates, just to name a few, all with discounted prices. The place to go for duty free shopping is the Jetty Poing Duty Free Complex.

3. Datai Bay

Datai Bay at Langkawi is a rich coastal landscape that formed by strong wave activity. The continuous activities have enabled the crafting of several features on the beach and have become the Datai Bay trademarks. The area is the most important geological in the country hence being preserved and protected for certain purposes. It claimed its title by having the oldest rock in Malaysia which has become a famous attraction for both local and international tourists, unquestionable, this is a place for rock lovers and researchers. The diversity is perfectly showcases the coastal landscape for sedimentary rocks, great for sightseeing and relaxation.

Nobody would ever resist leaving a step foot at The Golf Club Datai Bay (golf lovers and sport enthusiasts will love it), for it is being internationally recognized as one of the best in providing golfing experience. For shoppers, Langkawi will never disappoint you nor anyone in its history as it is being famously known as regional shopping hub for duty-free goods especially at Kuah Town. The renowned district famously visited by tourists has never fails to enrich one's experiences with the accommodation. Ranked from 3 stars to 7 stars hotels are all offers at a reasonable price in accordance to your preferences.

4. Kedah Paddy Museum

Kedah Paddy Museum is locally and globally recognized. The paddy museum is the fourth paddy museum to be opened in the world after Japan, Germany and Philippines. The museum receives huge responses from both the local and international tourist since its official opening in October, 2004. The museum would indulge anyone to explore the paddy and history of Kedah whether it is from the production to manufacturing the paddy.

The historical museum consists of three levels, displays the history and production items related to paddy. The showcases of the museum is suitable and being used for research and further development of paddy in the country. The museum is a place that must be visited by anyone. Visitors may find themselves some natural excavated crystal as souvenirs at Gunung Keriang Recreation Park at the same location. Hotels are available and could be easily found at the district. Varieties of selection are based on personal preferences as offer.

5. Kuah Town

Kuah Town is the largest town in Langkawi and is famously known as the capital of Langkawi Island. The town was once a fishing village before it was turn into a commercial hub. The island is rich in mythology and history from the early centuries. One of the well known histories in the island is Mahsuri for she was cursing the island for seven generations to signify her innocence of falsely accused of adultery. The Makam Mahsuri is promptly 12 kilometer away from Kuah Town

Upon the arrival at the town, nobody would ever miss to snap few pictures at the Eagle Square - the huge statue of eagle is the centre attraction of the town. The town has been tremendously being claimed as the shopping haven with the duty-free shops. The most popular destination to start with is Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall - features more than 100 outlets followed by Langkawi Duty Free and Jetty Point Complex. Bear in mind, Kuah Town is the place for anyone where you can shop till you drop. Uncountable amount of star rated hotels in Kuah Town to choose from hence it is deemed as the place with great shopping experience and accommodation.

6. Langkawi Island Hopping

Your tour to Langkawi Island is incomplete if you haven't tried the island hopping. In the short tour, you have the chance to visit as much as three pristine islets of Langkawi in just 3.5 hours. Taking 3.5 hours out of your vacation time to experience the breathtaking and amazing view of the islets is a worth! A boat ride to these three different islands is offered in the island hopping. There are quite a number of agents and tour agencies offer various package of island hopping. However, be wise to compare prices before you agree to one as the prices offered have distinct differences. The order in visiting the islands may be different according to the boat driver. You will be left around one hour in each island and have your own activities. Besides mesmerizing by the gorgeous environment and crystal clear water, there are lots more of activities can be done on the islands. You can perform sun bathing; have a swim, and even some water sport activities including banana boat ride and snorkeling. One of the main attractions of the island hopping is the lake within the islands named the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. There, you can have a quick swim and even dip your feet into a mini pond to feed the catfishes where they will eat off the dead skin under your feet.

Accommodation in Langkawi Island will not be an issue as there are options lying to be selected. There are many popular hotels and resorts located in the island where will be the main choice of most of the tourists. One of the famous five stars resorts is the Sheraton Langkawi Resort. Popular four stars hotels are offered too including Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Langkawi Lagoon Resort. Of course, there are lesser stars hotels and resorts up for your pick, all depending on your own preference. Apart from the beautiful environment and sea in Langkawi, it is also known as the shopping heaven for duty free goods. Everything is possible to obtain there such as wine, liquor, perfume, branded sport shoes and chocolates all with discounted prices. Places to go for shopping are the Jetty Point Duty Free Complex and Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall.

7. Kilim River Cruise (Langkawi Mangroves)

Kilim River Cruise is a must to be performed while visiting Langkawi or your vacation there will never be complete. Kilim Nature Park is definitely the best destination to visit as a getaway from the concrete jungle. There are various packages offered according to your own preference and time available for the river cruise. They are a 1 hour trip, 2 hours trip, 3 hours trip and 4 hours trip available with different sizes of boats all depending on the capacity you wanted. Of course, the prices are different. Still, some are negotiable. There are a few stopping points along the cruise. First of it's the Bat Cave. There, you have the chance to explore the cave with guided tour from the boatmen. There are uncountable bats in the cave. After the exploration, one can feed the eagle by throwing the food into the water. Within minutes, eagles will be flying near you while feasting. Besides, there are more activities including mangrove sightseeing and fish farm in the shortest trip. Of course, more places and activities are available in longer duration trips.

Accommodation in Langkawi is nothing different than that in other places. There are a wide range of hotels and resorts around ready to be pick by guests. Ranging from budget hotels to luxurious 5 stars resorts, you can make reservations before checking in to make sure you have your accommodation settled. Popular hotels are the Sheraton Langkawi Resort, Villa Beach Resort and Langkawi Lagoon Resort, just to name a few. Apart from the Kilim River Cruise, one should too go for island hopping where you have the chance to visit other islets of the Langkawi Island. You will be brought to 3 different islands on the trip and various activities are offered along the way. The last thing you have to do before departing from Langkawi is shopping. Langkawi is too, famous for its duty free shopping other than its beautiful scenery. Wine, alcohol and chocolate are all to be found during your shopping spree.

8. Langkawi Sunset Cruise

Langkawi Sunset Cruise has become one of the most tourist-visited destinations in Kedah. Undoubtedly a great ways to stroll the cluster 99 islands in Langkawi with excellence services and packages offers. It was once the area was fully civilized by pirates, now it is a place sought-after by most of the local and international tourists every time they drop by. If you are looking for extreme relaxation with a magnificent sightseeing on the sea, Langkawi Sunset Cruise is able to bring you board on a yacht to enjoy the different sea breeze that you would not be able to forget

With different yacht and packages to choose from, the experience of cruise on a yacht will not bring anyone down. The area is occupied with hotels of different options to choose from to suit your preferences. Cocktails or dinner is depends on the options chosen of what best suit you. The nearby Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex is a best place to get local delicacies and souvenirs, all at great bargain and would definitely worth every penny of yours.

9. Pantai Beras Basah

As the state being recognized as the only duty-free in Malaysia, it is in the must-visit list for everyone. Basically, Pantai Tengah is the continuance of Pantai Cenang, it is deemed to be the longest stretch beach in the district. The magnificent beauty at Pantai Tengah is totally eye-catching for everyone. The scenery of sunset at the beach has drawn dramatically great responses from both the local and global attention. The breathtakingly beach with crystal clear water is most suitable for snorkelling and swimming. The rare white sand on the beach is recognizable to be taken and being kept by many tourists as souvenirs.

Island hopping is definitely highly recommended because it is a great way to visit the whole island as well as Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Singa Besar. The nearest place for getting souvenirs is the shops along Pantai Cenang and Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex - items from perfume, chocolates, liquors and handicraft are available for everyone selection. Namely Awana Porto Malai Hotel, Lanai Langkawi Beach Resort, Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi, etc are located near to Pantai Tengah. Different hotels offer interesting packages and prices that will suit everyone budget. Pantai Beras Basah will not let you down with its white sand beach and crystal clear water. The shopping complex is and added enrichment to the wonderful experience.

10. Pantai Cenang

One of the most-visited renowned islands in Langkawi earned its fame with its white sand and great spot to watch the delightfully sunrise and sunset. Lots of tourists from all over the globe would never leave the beach in disappointment. The fine white sand beach at the island is fringed by coconut trees and casuarinas. The stretches beach of 2 kilometers was filled with great line of amusing resorts, chalets and restaurants.

Pantai Cenang is well known for its destination of touring and exploring nearby islands, Pulau Rebak Besar and Pulau Rebak Kecil. Being one of the most beautiful beaches, Pantai Cenang receives dramatic compliments all the years and huge responses during peak season. Located near to Kuah Town, it does make shopping easier in getting great bargain on the duty-free island

11. Pantai Kok

Though the location of Pantai Kok is more secluded, however it does receives a high great responses from the tourists. The silence in the area enables you to hear the symphony of the sea breeze early in the morning. The place successfully earned its fame, for it was chosen as a spot in the international film 'Anna and the King'. Concisely, it was immediately recognized and remains as one of the treasured beach that must-to-visit area

Langkawi Cable Car ride in the area is a total added value to Pantai Kok. Visitors will be taken on the ride up to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi's second highest peak, you can snap some memorable pictures of yourself at the high peak in Langkawi. Do pay a visit to Telaga Harbour Park, a great spot to hang out for shops, restaurants and bars to boost up your level of relaxation. Pantai Kok would add to another level of amazement to the visitors by having plenty of choices of hotel to resort choose from.

12. Pantai Tengah

Langkawi Island has been honored as a World Geopark status bu UNESCO in the year of 2007. Therefore, Langkawi Island is one of the famous islands known to locally and globally. Without having to fail anyone expectation, one of Langkawi islands is Pantai Tengah. Pantai Tengah is surprisingly quieter than its neighbor island, Pantai Cenang.

Pantai Tengah is rated as the great spot for those who are looking for a peaceful beach that could chill anyone's out there when you are walking or sitting on the white sand beach. As the Pantai Tengah is well known for it quiet and peaceful environment, few restaurants are built with creation of fantastic ambience - couples would definitely find it great and fall in love with it at the first sight. Hotels range from expensive to affordable price depends on your preferences - satisfaction guaranteed.

13. Pulau Payar Marine Park

Pulau Payar Marine Park consists of a group of various islands with the names of Pulau Payar (the largest island), Pulau Kaca, Pulau Lembu and Pulau Segantang. All these islands are located right between the Pearl of Orient - Penang and Langkawi's Geopark. Before we proceed to the description of the scenery and activities offered there, it is important to know that there are quite a few don'ts we have to follow as it is a Marine Park. We are forbidden to collect anything on the islands such as seashells and marine organisms. Of course, fishing is not allowed too.

There are many activities offered by the marine park including snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, jungle trekking and even baby shark feeding. You can also organize a barbeque feast and enjoy your lunch there as the park provides barbecue pits, picnic table and also public restrooms. This amazing trip to the Pulau Payar Marine Park can be booked at the Langkawi Coral's office at the Kuah Ferry Terminal. The respective company will pick up guests to and back to respective hotels. Food will be handled by the company too. Be sure to check for more company as prices offered for this trip may be different.

There is no accommodation in this Marine Park and so tourists visit there as a one day trip. Tourists mostly settled their accommodation in either Langkawi Island or the heaven of food - Penang Island. Langkawi and Penang Islands both offered a wide range of accommodation for your selections. There are popular luxurious 5 stars resorts and hotels that have a beautiful sea view around both islands. Budget hotels for backpackers are available too.

14. Rebak Island

Named after the native tree - Rebak Island is one of the cluster 99 islands in Langkawi. The island is almost immediately a private island that offers tourists the magnificent view and scenery of the ocean. The stunning rock formations and lush forest dated a million year back is a part of the nature, taken aback as interesting attractions. As Langkawi is declared as the Southeast Asia's first established geological park, Rebak Island could be deemed as hassle-free and clear of pollution in Malaysia

The island is visited mostly by couples - offers a fantastically romantic scene for couples, especially for newly-weds. Wedding at the island is frequently held for its rarity and aesthetic beauty of island. The island is locally and globally renowned for the unique distinction of being the perfect location management retreat and showcase wedding. Eventually, travelling to town would consume a short time for those who want to clear up their shopping list. The accommodation cost in the island is unexpectedly high but not to forget it would give you the best experience one's could have that nobody will ever forget.

15. Tanjung Rhu Beach

Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of the must visit place in Langkawi Island especially for beach lovers. The beach is wide and empty. One of the many attractions in Tanjung Rhu Beach is the limestone formations on the islands nearby. Besides, the beach is rich with unique ecosystem including mangroves and waterways. The beach plays an amazing role as a getaway from urbanites as it offers quite and tranquil environment. The best time to go visit the beach is during evening on an exceptionally clear day. This is because you can be mesmerized by the beautiful sunset and with the clear sky ahead, you have the chance to have a clear view of various islands for example the Ko Turatao and Ko Adang along the border of Thailand. One the beach, you have enjoy strolling along while experiencing light and cool breeze.

After visiting the amazing beach, there are more activities that can be done nearby. You can explore the nearby caves such Gua Cerita and Gua Siam. Horse riding activity is available too in the Tanjung Rhu Riding Centre. Apart from that, you should go for island hopping if you have excess time. Island hopping is interesting as the boatmen will fetch you and stop by a total of 3 islands. Along the ride and stopping point, there are various interesting activities that can be done including eagle feeding, swimming and also snorkeling. Accommodation in Tanjung Rhu itself is offered. The popular ones are Tanjung Rhu Resort and Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. More hotels are available in Langkawi too. Before heading back to your hometown, don't forget to go to the Jetty Point Duty Free Complex to get some souvenirs with discounted prices. There are a variety of goods offered including high end wine, alcohol, chocolate and etc.

16. Ulong Legong Hot Spring (Kolam Air Panas Ulu Legong)

The Ulong Legong Hot Spring is more to a recreational park. Do note there is actually entrance fees needed to access the park. There are a total of 5 pools in the park. Three of them are main pools where people packed around. The other two is a baby pool and a private pool for them ladies respectively. The temperatures of the main three pools are all different. From a warm water pool, to a hot water pool and the hottest are all up for your pick. The third pool is normally empty as the water is too hot to stand. There are steams around the place due to the hot water pool. The Ulong Legong Hot Spring is a place for relaxation and therapeutic purpose for all people with ailments. However, to cautious if your skin is sensitive and thinks twice before dipping yourself in the pool. Apart from the relaxation time, one can go for jungle trekking and visit the waterfalls in the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve nearby.

There is not much choice for accommodation in the Kedah Ulu Legong village as it is considered as a rural place. Thus, the most common accommodation to be found and seen around there as well as the whole Kedah state is in home stay style. The nearest homestay is none other than the Homestay Keda Ulu Legong. There are various tour packages offered by the homestay include an expedition to the Mount Baling, visit to the mentioned Hot Spring, visit the local indigenous people, jungle trekking, cultural show and many more. Breakfast and a choice of lunch or dinner is to included in the homestay.