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1. Aur Island

The Aur Island is smaller compared to the other four islands mentioned. There are various species of marine life underwater. You can often see some yachts anchor near to Aur Island, mesmerized with the beauty of nature. The Aur Island acts as the stopping point for them fishermen. There are many activities one can do on the island. Although it is small in size, it has multiple spots to choose from for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Get yourself a room in any Johor hotels or resorts in Pulau Aur as a start to your amazing and breathtaking vacation in Aur Island. The chalets and resorts on the island are mostly with air conditioned and excellent services with very friendly staffs and locals.

2. Danga Bay

Danga Bay offers a lot of activities with luxury and glam. It possesses the high end retail outlets and fine dines restaurants. It is considered as the biggest recreation park in Johor Bahru as there are many activities that are suitable for all ages. The Danga Park is suitable for children as it offers interesting activities exclusively for them. Danga Bay is too famous as a romantic spot for couples as there are top notch restaurants which offer fine dining with the awesome night view. Furthermore, Danga Bay showcases the culture of Johor, Malaysia. There, you can have a better picture of the different cultures in Malaysia. There is also a mall there, namely Danga City Mall. It possesses leisure, entertainment and food from the local as well as international. For accommodation, the Tunes Hotel Danga Bay suits the best. It is one of the famous Johor hotels.

3. Dayang Island

Dayang Island is famous for its diving site. Most tourists visit this island for scuba diving and snorkeling experiences. While scuba diving, it is easy for one to see the wildlife under the sea such as whale, sharks and rays. You can perform underwater photography while snorkeling or scuba diving. Diving courses are offered to those who are passionate in learning it or for the beginners before they dive in the crystal clear water of the Dayang Island.

The ideal diving session is normally from the month of February to November. There are many diving spots around for you to choose, according to your preference and standard and some are shallow reef and some are deep rocky depths.Get yourself a room in any Johor hotels or chalets on the island to jumpstart your vacation in Dayang Island. The chalets and resorts on the island are mostly with air conditioned and fine services.

4. Desaru Beach

Desaru beach is a very famous spot for tourists, mostly from Singapore and too, the locals. It is one of the best beaches around in Johor. There are many activities available for all ages of people. There are many hotels in Johor and so it is not hard to pick the one on Desaru beach. Apart from the white sandy beach of Desaru's, there is one interesting spot that most families will pay a visit to. That is the Desaru Fruit Farm. It is planted with a large variety of tropical fruits such as starfruit and definitely the king of fruits durian. You can take a one-day-tour or even overnight and buy yourself some juicy fruits. Another spot that is too, suitable for family is the Ostrich Wonderland in Desaru. This is the place to bring along your kids, with the chance in getting close with these ostriches. Not only you will get to know more about the ostriches, you have the chance in riding one with very reasonable fees.

There is a golf club in Desaru namely the Desaru Golf and Country Club. Golfers and spend their time on the golf course. The theme of the decoration in the club is more to African-style with a unique log cabin clubhouse. Besides, they do provide fine dining.

5. Desaru Ostrich Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm has more than 100 of ostriches. In the farm, visitors have the opportunity to get close and personal with the ostriches. This is indeed one interesting activity. A caretaker of the ostriches will be your personal tour guide, touring and guiding you throughout the farm. Interesting facts of those ostriches will be told and explained by the caretaker. The admission fees to the farm are divided into adult fee and children fee respectively. Adult fee is at the rate of RM12 whereas it is RM8 for children.

There are many varieties of crafts and products selling in the farm as souvenirs such as decorative lamp shades and an ostrich egg. Moreover, on can ride the ostrich with an extra fee.Apart from the Ostrich Farm, Desaru is famous for its beach Desaru Beach. The white sandy beach with beautiful corals brings us tranquility and serenity. Those who go for a family trip do hop to the Desaru Fruit Farm for a tour and to have a taste of the tropical fruits in Malaysia

For couples, you can go for Fireflies Watching at Sungai Lebam where you can experience it yourself catching the unlimited blinking lights. Hotels in Johor are all of an affordable price. Thus, you may just pick any hotels or motels for your accommodation

6. Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest National Park in the Peninsular Malaysia, just after Taman Negara. The park is rich with unique flora and fauna, with rocks that are from millions of years ago. The park is mainly made up of lush green tropical plants with all sorts of varieties.

Hotels in Johor are all offered in an affordable price. City Square Shopping Mall is located at the Johor Bahru city centre, just along Jalan Wong Ah Fook. The Persada Johor International Convention Centre is the prime venue for many huge events and exhibition.

7. Pulau Hujong (Hujong Island)

Hujong Island is covered with lush green forest. There are two nearby islands namely Pulau Tengah (Tengah Island) and Pulau Rawa (Rawa Island). Hujong Island is inhabited with crystal clear water and swaying palm tree. This island is indeed the right spot for a relaxing mind, a getaway from the hustle and hectic city lifestyle. Sadly there is no accommodation on this island. Thus, most visitors spend only a day time on this tranquil island.

However, there are accommodations with popular Johor hotels on most of the nearby islands. There are D' Coconut Resort Pulau Besar on The Large Island, Rawa Island Resort on Rawa Island and more mesmerizing resorts. There are many water activities offered by these white sandy beaches such as snorkeling and scuba diving. There are too hopping trips available to more islands. They are Pulau Mensirip and Pulau Harimau. All these small islands are inhabited thus bring along some snacks and water if you decided to spend your day there. Do note that Pulau Mensirip is a private island, belongs to the Johor royal family and so no trespassers.

8. Istana Bukit Serene

Istana Bukit Serene is the royal palace and the official residence for the Sultan of Johor. It can be viewed from the waterfront of Johor, Danga Bay. It is completed in the year of 1998 and has been one famous landmark since then. It has a high tower, measuring as high as 35m. Its walls are full with unique and fascinating cravings. There is a huge garden in the palace which is often used during any celebrations and gatherings of the royals.

Johor Military Force guards the palace and acts as a protective layer to the Sultan of Johor. This palace which acts as the residence of the Sultan has been the place of interest for tourists all around the world. They love taking great pictures of this historic building. However, the palace is not open to public.

There are some nearby attractions from the palace. They are the Royal Johor Country Club and Tan Sri Hassan Yunus Stadium. There are many Johor hotels but the one situated close to the Istana Bukit Serene is Tunes Hotel Danga Bay.

9. Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor is considered as one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia as it was built in the year of 1928. There are more than 100 species of animals living in Zoo Johor including some endangered species of them animals. They are gorillas, elephants, flamingos, horses, lions and much more. The entrance fee is just RM3. The zoo is clean and well organized with clean food selling around the stalls. This is definitely one favorite spot for families especially the children. There are animal shows for the entertainment of you folks too.

The Persada Johor International Convention Centre is one of the famous landmarks in Johor Bahru. It acts as the prime venue for most major events. Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest National Park in the Peninsular Malaysia. Most tourists spend their days there, camping and exploring the tropical Park. You can choose to stay in the hotels in Johor if you do not enjoy camping inside the Park.

10. Kota Tinggi Museum

The Kota Tinggi Museum is built in the year of 1997. It exhibits the history of Johor Sultanate. The museum is a two storey building, exhibits rare display throughout the years of the evolution of Johor. Paintings and waxes are displayed so that tourists will have a better understanding towards the place they visiting. Apart from the glorious and interesting history of Johor, the museum does highlight on the unique cultural activities such as its significant dances and architectures. There is a curator that is willing to explain and answer any questions at all regarding the tools and displays in the museum. The admission fee for the Kota Tinggi is free.

There are more interesting places in Kota Tinggi such as the Kota Tinggi Water Falls and Plaza Kota Tinggi. Out of Kota Tinggi, there are quite a few popular spots in Desaru such as the Desaru Beach Johor, Desaru Ostrich Farm and the Desaru Fruit Farm. A visit to Johor Bahru is not complete if you have not visited all these places of attractions.

11. Kukup Island Johor National Park

In order to promote preservation of this unique mangrove habitat, Pulau Kukup is declared as a RAMSAR site on 31 January 2003. In year 1997, it is protected as a national park under the Johor State Park Corporation Enactment 1989. Kukup Island or Pulau Kukup is one of the biggest inhabited mangrove sites in the world. There are various species of wildlife there in the national park. They are monkeys, wild boar, mudskipper and much more.

Do visit Tanjung Piai, another mangrove habitat in Johor, not far away from Kukup Island. Famous Johor hotels such as the Grand Blue Waves Hotel Johor Bahru provide luxurious stay and services for visitors. It is situated in the heart of Johor Bahru, thus, it is not far away from the City Square Johor Bahru. City Square Johor Bahru is a shopping centre and office building that was opened in the year of 1995. It is the tallest building in Johor Bahru and attracts tourists especially Singaporeans.

12. Lido Beach

Lido Beach is an ideal spot for relaxing. One can go there for a stroll, enjoying the breeze. The long beach is the best place for exercises such as cycling and jogging. Moreover, this is where you have the best view of Singapore. It is exceptionally grand during festive seasons such as Hari Raya, stalls and stalls of local delicacies line the coastal pavement selling delicious food. Unfortunately, there is a twist in this haven, and that is you are forbidden to exceed 300m from the banks of Johor Bahru. The Johor hotels near to the Lido Beach are M Suites Hotel, Suria City Hotel, Tropical Inn and more. Do check them out if you are looking for accommodations. The nearby attraction of Lido Beach is the Tennis Court and Exercise Circuit Public Park which allow you to perspire. If you want to know more about the beach, to visit Johor Tourism Information Centre (JOTIC). It is located at 2 Jalan Molek, Johor Bahru.

13. Mersing

Mersing is a town in Johor, Malaysia. It remains as a fishing village despite the developing city centre of Johor Bahru. It is the main departure spot for many islands. One can access various islands from Mersing jetty such as the Rawa Island, Dayang Island, Aur Island, Pemanggil Island and more. As it is a fishing village, purchasing seafood there is the best thing to do. You can get fresh seafood with affordable prices. There are also cafes and fast food chains around apart from the stalls of local delicacies. The top Johor hotels in Mersing are the Sea Gypsy Village Resort and Hotel Timotel.

There are quite a few attractions nearby. If you are a nature - lover, do spend some time stopping by the national park in Johor, namely the Endau Rompin National Park with fascinating flora and fauna there. Pulau Hujong is too, near to Mersing town with approximately 14km away. It is the ideal spot for relaxation session.

14. Pemanggil Island (Pulau Pemanggil)

Pemanggil Island is well known as one of the best fishing spot in Malaysia. It is famous among those fishermen as it is the ideal spot for deep sea fishing. Besides that, it is too, well known for the right spot for water activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. There is a hill for the adventurous people. Climb to the top to experience the scenic view of the island with a bird's view. This is definitely the best getaway for those who seek tranquility and serenity.

Lanting Beach Resort is one of the bets resorts and even one of the best Johor hotels in Pemanggil Island. This beautiful resort offers excellent services and nice food. A lot of activities offered by the resort itself such as jungle trekking, canoeing, beach volley ball and also some other indoor games.

15. Pineapple Museum

The Pineapple Museum showcases everything about the tropical fruit, pineapple. It focuses mainly on the cultivation of the pineapple, from scratches until the end. Apart from that, the museum exhibits the way pineapple is processed, and finally canned. Moreover, you get to see all types of pineapple planted just outside the museum. If you are interested in getting some souvenirs there, they do sell products of pineapple, such as pineapple jam, pineapple fresh juice and more.

In the museum, it shows that the leaves of the pineapple are useful too. It actually can be used in making clothes. The admission fee for adults is RM2 whereas it is free of charge for children under 12. If you planned to spending nights in any Johor hotels, do make a tour to Pulai Hill Recreational Forest before the museum. There you can experience and enjoy the fascinating scene of nature

16. Pulai Hill Recreational Forest

Pulai Hill Recreational Forest possesses a waterfall that is capable in taking your breath away. Its tranquility and serenity leave you mesmerized once you stepped into the forest. There are villagers who live there and so, here is your opportunity to experience the hospitality of the locals and mingle with them. There are a lot of activities offered by the recreational forest, jungle trekking and camping are definitely on the list. Pulai Hill Recreational Forest possesses a waterfall that is capable in taking your breath away. Its tranquility and serenity leave you mesmerized once you stepped into the forest. There are villagers who live there and so, here is your opportunity to experience the hospitality of the locals and mingle with them. There are a lot of activities offered by the recreational forest, jungle trekking and camping are definitely on the list. If you accommodated yourself in any Johor hotels, so spend some time in the Pineapple Museum, situated not far away from the recreational forest as they are in the same town. The museum tells us everything about pineapple, from breeding to processing and finally canned.

17. Rawa Island (Pulau Rawa)

Rawa Island is managed by Rawa Safaris Sdn. Bhd. It is well known of its fascinating spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. Another interesting activity is windsurfing. This activity is offered by one of the resorts there namely the Le Club Resort. The island possesses white fine sand with crystal clear water. Rawa Island acts as one of the best getaways for urbanites who wanted some alone time out of their hectic schedule

One can rent the equipments for water activities from the Rawa Island Resort such as canoe, kayak and goggles. Rawa Island Resort is one of the great Johor hotels. There is no local transport on the island itself as it is small in size. You can go almost anywhere by walking and strolling along the sugary beach. The food offered by the resorts on Rawa Island is capable in tantalizing your taste buds.

18. Royal Abu Bakar Museum (The Grand Palace Johor)

The Royal Abu Bakar Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Johor. It is too, one of the main attractions in the state. This building was built in the year of 1866. It is formerly the Grand Palace of the Johor Sultan and has turned to a museum since 1982. The museum is filled with information and rare artifacts of the Royal Family. Besides, there are picture gallery featuring the family tree since decades and decades ago. The belongings of the Royal Family are exhibited there including the weapons of Malaysia.

There are a few nearby attractions which are related to the history of Johor and the Sultan himself. They are the Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque and the Sultan Abu Bakar Monument. Johor hotels around that area that are suitable for accommodation are the Thistle Johor Bahru Hotel and Citrus Johor Bahru Hotel.

19. Pulau Sibu(Sibu Island)

Pulau Sibu is actually made up of not one but a cluster of islands: Sibu Besar Island, Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Kukus Island and finally, Sibu Hujung Island. There are many hotels in Johor but on the island itself, there are resorts. The two main resorts are Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa Sibu Island and the Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base. Both resorts offer fair price and promise a nice experience to their customers with fine dining and various services.

There are many interesting activities one can be involved in such as fishing, jungle trekking, scuba diving and snorkeling. It has its very own dive spots with nice coral reefs in the crystal clear water for the water sports lovers. There are various packages offered by the chalet and resorts regarding the outdoor activities. You then can pick any one of it according to your itinerary and preferences. Spending the whole day sunning on the beach, soaking into the sea, it is best to go for a spa and relax. Most resorts offer spa services, sauna and even gym for those who prefers to having their time indoor than performing activities under the glaring sun.

20. Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque was completed in the year of 1900.The architecture of the mosque is a mix of two distinguishable styles. They are Victorian and Moorish styles with a little influence of Malay style. Non - muslims are allowed to enter the mosque. However, decent and modest clothing must be worn as a sign of respect.

Besides, one must remove his/her shoes before entering the mosque. There are some nearby attractions that are related to the history of Johor. They are the Royal Bakar Museum and the Sultan Abu Bakar Monument. The nearest Johor hotels to the state mosque are Thistle Hotel, Puteri Pacific Hotel and Citrus Johor Bahru. These hotels located in the central of Johor Bahru. This allows tourists to tour along the whole day with ease.

21. Sultan Iskandar Complex Custom

The Sultan Iskandar Complex Custom consists of an immigration checkpoint and a custom checkpoint. The Sultan Iskandar Complex Custom has a distinct look of Malaysian with a modern structure building. The complex custom is liked to City Square Johor Bahru. 3 minutes is sufficient enough for you to get to City Square Johor Bahru from the Complex Custom. There are food court, shopping stalls and a supermarket in the City Square. The other nearest shopping complex from the Complex Custom is Plaza Kota Raya. Apart from the shopping centre, there is a duty free zone where crowds of visitors spend their time there buying gifts. The Johor Bahru Duty Free Complex is the largest duty free complex in Malaysia. It is located around 2km from the complex custom.

There are quite a few Johor Bahru hotels that situated just a stone's away from the Complex Custom. They are the Naza Hotel Johor Bahru and Grand Blue Waves Hotel Johor Bahru. Both hotels provide luxurious and comfortable stay to all the visitors.

22. Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai is one of the largest mangrove habitats in the whole wide world. Tanjung Piai is the home for around 20 different species of mangrove plants. There are also some wild animal there such as monkeys, mangrove crabs and various species of birds. Tanjung Piai has a national park namely the Tanjung Piai Johor National Park which allows visitors to observe the habitats of mangrove plants. The entrance fee for the national park is as much as RM3 for Malaysian adults and RM5 for foreign visitors. There are platforms built in the park so that visitors can walk and observe the habitat of mangrove and unique fauna in comfort.

There are other activities that could be done when you are in the national park such as bird watching and camping. If you are not a fan of adventure, you can make it as a day trip as there are affordable and comfy Johor hotels out of the park. Be sure to get to Kukup Island Johor. It is an island which is entirely covered by mangroves and only mangroves. There is a boat ride to get yourself to the amazing island.

23. Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

There are as much as 1000 or even more crocodiles available in the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm. The farm is established in the year of 1979. This is definitely a place to go if you are planning for a one day trip, be it with your family or friends. There, you can know more about crocodiles with all the interesting and fun facts about them. There are too, crocodile that is as old as 100 years and more! You too, have a chance in watching the crocodile keeper feeding the crocodiles with their fast and dangerous actions. Apart from all those old crocodiles, you get to experience a one to one time with the babies croc. You are allowed to hold them and touch them under the supervising of the caretaker. Moreover, there are souvenirs sold in the crocodile farm.

Rent yourself a room from any hotels in Johor and then, you can go to the famous waterfall in Kota Tinggi, namely the Kota Tinggi Water Falls. There are more nearby attractions such as the Desaru Fruit Farmand Desaru Ostrich Farm. These places are act as the gateway to be mesmerized by the power of nature.

24. Pulau Tengah (Tengah Island)

Pulau Tengah is clustered in between two other islands, namely Pulau Besar (The Large Island) and Pulau Hujong (Hujong Island). There is another island nearby namely Pulau Rawa (Rawa Island). Pulau Tengah is gazette as a marine park by the Government to preserve the marine life. The island is very popular as it is one of the very few breeding grounds for Malaysian giant leatherback turtle. Most visitors visit this place to witness the laying eggs of the leatherback turtle.

The season of laying eggs falls on the month of July each year. Apart from the leatherback turtle, there are multiple sea sports available for tourists. Walk along the beach and you can observe the wildlife of it. Native birds and beautiful coral reefs as well as fishes are to be seen. This island is definitely the ideal spot for tourists and locals who seek calm and tranquility. There are popular Johor hotels nearby; they are Rawa Island Resort, D'Coconut Resort, Hotel Meiwah and many more. Thus, accommodation would not be a problem.

25. Pulau Besar (The Large Island)

Pulau Besar is clustered with two more islands. They are Pulau Hujong (Hujong Island) and Pulau Tengah (Tengah Island). It has very clean and white beaches with crystal clear water. It is once a fishing village but currently tt has been specified as a marine park by the Government to preserve the marine life. The island offers many water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and more. You can also sunbathing and strolling along the bach, enjoying the cool breeze from the sea

If you are an adventurous person and would love to explore more exciting activites, do go to Pulau Mensirip and Pulau Harimau as they located not far from The Large Island. In accommodation wise, the popular Johor hotels or resorts in the island are D'Coconut Resort Pulau Besar and Aseania Resort Pulau Besar. There are sea sports packages offered by the resorts

26. Legoland

Legoland is the perfect place for families to spend their quality time together. The park offers visitors with more than 40 rides, along with its different varieties of shows, events, and attractions. In here, visitors get to experience hands-on experiences via the various rides and attractions which require visitors to push, pedal, steer, and even splash. The interactive experience in the park will definitely leaves unforgettable memories for visitors. Legoland provides a total of seven types of theme parks for visitors to explore.

This includes The Beginning, LEGO Kingdoms, Imagination, MINI LAND, LEGO City, LEGO Technic, and Land of Adventure. The main character of the theme park is the MINILAND. This park is a must for visitors to visit as the park holds various Asian landmarks which are all made out of more than 30 million LEGO bricks. There is a huge range of accommodations and hotels for guests to choose from which are all located very near to the theme park. These hotels all offer value-for-money accommodation experience to complete guests' vacation.